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Are you an Omaha based commercial property owner or operator? Do you have a quick solution for emergency repairs? Whether you run a retail space, restaurant, or apartment complex when you need a repair you need it done quickly and with attention to detail.  Waiting on needed repairs can cause further damage to your commercial property and hurt your reputation. Ideal Construction works with many Omaha commercial property owners to ensure their repairs are taken care of swiftly and with quality workmanship.

Why Ideal Construction for Your Commercial Property?

Efficient  –  In many cases, we can give you a same day bid and schedule an immediate repair.

Experienced –  With nearly 20 years in the industry, Ideal Construction has seen it all and knows how to approach and successfully complete repairs.

Quality Workmanship  –  We stand behind all of our work with extensive 1 to 2-year workmanship warranties. Our crews are in-house trained professionals that complete every job with the highest of standards.

Commercial Property Repair Services

ADA Upgrades and Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires commercial properties under certain circumstances to provide various accommodations. We can help with some of the most common ADA upgrades commercial property owners need.

  • Signage and Striping
  • Surface Slopes
  • Concrete Ramps
  • Handrails
  • Walkways, Landings, and Thresholds


Whether you need a single room or entire office building painted, we can get it done. We have extensive interior and exterior painting experience on all types of commercial properties. Our crews work efficiently and pay attention to detail work.


Do you have holes, cracks, or water damage on your drywall? We do quick turnaround work for drywall and plaster repairs. Whatever wall textures you have we can match seamlessly and get your walls looking new again.

Ceiling Repairs

Stains, cracks, sagging tiles, and peeling paint are signs you likely have a water leak. We can help identify the source of your ceiling damage and make necessary repairs. We can do ceiling repair work for all types of ceilings including drop ceilings, tiles, planks, and drywall.


We can help out with several carpentry repairs. Interior carpentry repairs include chipped or damaged baseboards, stair banisters, cabinets, and crown molding. Exterior carpentry repairs include siding repairs, entry door repair, and window frames.


Does your commercial property have brick or blockwork that need attention? Mortar repairs done with care will avoid damaging existing masonry and add years of life to your repaired structure.


Commercial doors take a lot of abuse. Whether you need hinges and hardware replacement, or complete door frame replacement we can help.


Have a stuck wood framed window? Cracked glass? Rotted window sills? Drafty window? Whatever your issue is with your windows we can repair or replace them. If you're looking to upgrade with energy efficient windows, we can swap out your old ones.


Dings, scratches, and stains are the most common repairs you'll need for your deck. We can sand out scratches, add new stain, and replace damaged boards.

Siding / EIFS

Most of the time siding can be repaired rather than replaced. Vinyl siding, the most popular type, can get brittle and crack over time. We can easily replace old and damaged siding for your property.

EIFS – Complete surface removals and Repair.